A lot happens in 24 hours: Earth rotates once on its axis. A mayfly lives its entire life. eBay shoppers can click on your affiliate link and purchase, earning you a part of the sale price. To maximize your earning potential, here are seven techniques to try during your shopper’s 24-hour cookie window:


  1. If you’re promoting via email, a blog, or advertising, use phrases like “For a limited time” and “While supplies last.” This emphasizes urgency, instills Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), and drives your visitors to make purchases ASAP
  2. Try retargeting, which is the digital marketing practice of using ads that automatically personalize content for each end-user. If you ever looking at something online, and then noticed ads for that same item started following you online, you were retargeted. This can help you scoop up shoppers that have already begun the buying cycle, and is a feature of our Smart Placements tool.
  3. What would your audience say about you? A survey found that 93% of consumers say that online reviews impact purchase decisions. Secure third-party validation like testimonials to instill confidence and close sales faster.
  4. Offer eBay deals with a deadline. Incentives like coupons and rewards that have an expiration date will entice shoppers to purchase now. Also, be sure to explain why a deal is a great offer. Is it the lowest price on the internet? The cheapest it’s been in weeks? Context makes content more convincing. To help you effectively promote deals, Best selling items.
  5. Ride the momentum of the eBay brand. A clickable eBay logo on your site can be a great way to remind them to return to their cart. Make sure you hyperlink the image with your affiliate link generated by our link-building tools. To download our logos, visit our Creatives Gallery.
  6. Make it even easier for your traffic to checkout fast by letting your visitors shop for eBay items, purchase, and track their orders without ever leaving your site with our Buy API, which is one of many APIs available to partners.
  7. Be accurate with the image you pair with your affiliate links to increase click-through. If the landing page does not match the image used on your site, customers are more likely to leave than continue shopping, and the search engines may penalize you.