Landing pages are the revenue gateway for your campaigns. When used strategically, they can accelerate conversions and drive more dollars per click. However, ineffective use of landing pages is one of the most common reasons partners see a plateau – or even a dip – in their earnings.


Although using the same landing page for all of your campaigns may seem like an easy way to save time, the one-size-fits-all approach usually results in a higher bounce rate.


Are your visitors exiting prematurely, without completing a transaction?


On any given day, eBay’s vibrant marketplace has approximately 1.2 billion items from top brands including Bose, Google, KitchenAid, PUMA, and Yeti. With our endless selection of top-tier labels and trending products, you have a variety of places to send your audiences. To help you decide which is best for your business, we’ve put together a helpful, comprehensive guide of top-performing eBay destinations that you can begin linking to now. 


By matching the right eBay page type to your target audience with tailored campaigns, you can easily drive conversion, increase your commissions and encourage your audience to keep coming back for more. Our guide highlights the different pages that are designed to convert by featuring our vast inventory in various ways that compel online shoppers to purchase.


For example, If you understand what your audience is interested in, you can direct them to:


Search Results Pages that you can configure based on the products you know your shoppers will buy from our spectrum of inventory. For example, these search results show Celine handbags with options like New with Tags, Buy It Now and Ship for Free.

Category and Sub-category Pages that reflect the niche you’re known for among your audience, like Women’s Shoes or Smart Home.

Brand Pages to feature a broad list of items from brands that have loyal, high spending fans, such as Apple, Michael Kors, Lululemon, and Harley-Davidson.



If you’re not sure what to promote, the following pages can be helpful for inspiration and optimization:

  • Our Deals Page is great for shoppers on the hunt for trending inventory at unbeatable prices.
  • Choose an eBay Promotional Event to convert your audience with hyper-relevant retail moments.