First, here’s a walkthrough video we made for you to quickly learn how to navigate your account:


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The first thing we recommend you do is set up your account to allow for effective tracking and optimization, starting with campaigns. Campaigns give you the ability to structure your account and better interpret performance data to see what is working. The more specific and detailed you make your campaigns now, the more options you have for optimization later.

For example, you can use separate Campaign IDs to indicate the specific section of your site where the link was located, or you can use them to track specific retail events or promotional methods like “BlackFriday2019” or “EmailCampaigns”.




Building proper affiliate links to eBay is fundamental to your success. We have several ways for you to do this, depending on your business needs. One of the quickest ways is straight from your account’s homepage:


  1. Sign in to the portal
  2. Locate the “Create A Promotable Link” section
  3. Select the campaign you want attributed to any traffic generated by that link
  4. Add a Custom ID you can use for future analysis (optional)
  5. Paste in any link from eBay into the “eBay URL address” field
  6. Click the Generate Link button


The form will scroll down to give you a few more options, as well as a Copy Link button. Copy your affiliate link and paste it on your site/blog/post/etc. And it will track every click your audience makes, whether you send your traffic to an item, daily deals, or a promotional event. 


All our linking tools are below:


Link-Building Tools
Quickly create affiliate links to any page on eBay, including listings, search results pages, eBay Stores, deals, and promotions.

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Smart Share with Deal Flag
This Chrome extension will help you create links and show you which items are commissionable.

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Smart Links
This site code snippet transforms all past, present, and future eBay links on your site into monetized partner links.

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After you build links, the next step is to incorporate them in one of your channels to start driving traffic back to eBay (for example your site, blog or social accounts). This can be done by simply adding the link to text on your site, or by placing an ad.


We have two solutions that can help you with that:


  1. Automatically affiliatize links on your site and build mobile banners with Smart Links
  2. Dynamically customize banners based on your content and your shoppers interests with Smart Placements