Now that you have some experience on building links, driving traffic, and earning commissions, it’s time to explore the many ways you can take your partnership with eBay to the next level:


  1. Understand Page Types

Where you drive your traffic to is equally important to how you drive it. By understanding our different page types, you can potentially entice shoppers to purchase more items and increase your earnings. Check out our What To Promote video.


  1. Leverage Feeds Efficiently

If you want to optimize your site with the latest deals or pull a large volume of listings into your site or mobile app, our feeds can be used separately or together to provide a highly customized experience for your audience. Read all about the feeds here. To get access to data feeds, fill out the Developer Questionnaire and we’ll take care of the rest.


  1. Tap Into eBays APIs

Our suite of APIs can help your shoppers find that special item or a selection of items, and help you create a great buyer experience without ever leaving your site. There are various Buy APIs to choose from and some common ones include: Browse API, Marketing API, Feed API, and Deal API. Learn more about APIs here


To access eBay APIs, you must register for the eBay’s Developers Program. Membership is free of charge and new accounts include a free access tier where you can make 5,000 API calls per day, simulate buying and selling in eBay’s Sandbox, and have access to API reference docs, tutorials, and guides. 


APIs have different rate limits and if you need more API calls than the rate limit, you can apply for the Compatible Application Check which allows you to have up to 100K API Calls per day. If you need more than 100K API Calls per day, you will need to submit a Developer Questionnaire. Read more about eBay’s Developers Program here.


Track Your Progress

Want to track your progress and jump ahead to the next steps? Download our partner checklist to make sure you’re set up for success.